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Michiko Shimada is a Brooklyn based product designer. Originally from Japan, she attended Parsons School of Design where her interest grew toward the beauty of handcrafted ceramics. After graduation, she worked as a tableware designer for a ceramic manufacturer in NY for several years until she changed her focus on her own line of handmade ceramics. Since 2009, she has been working in her brooklyn studio specializing in slip cast ceramics. Her work conveys simplicity, practicality and beauty with a just a touch of whimsy.

What we value

In the world where so many things are mass produced and disposable, we feel the importance of introducing products that are made by hand in small batches. Valuing craftsmanship, every process from model making to finished pieces is carefully carried out by hand in our studio. We are passionate about creating products that connect with our customers on a deeper level. Products that possess 'something special'. They are created with the hope that they stay with and are valued timelessly by our customers.